Home/School Link Workers/Outreach Workers

I supervise Home/School Link Workers and Outreach Workers for Schools, Children’s Centres in Surrey, and for Surrey County Council.

It is generally agreed that supervision is fundamental to the delivery of effective services for children and families, and is deeply embedded in the history of such work. Providing the most effective services for children and families requires workers to remain positive, focussed and reflective. An effective supervisory working alliance can result in a more accurate assessment of a family’s needs and enhanced development of the worker.

Supervision is provided one to one or in groups and follows the reflective supervision cycle.

Collaborative and effective supervision cycle


How Long? – How Often? – How Much?

Frequency is based on the Surrey Parent Support Advisory Team Supervision Policy 2012 One to one supervision sessions should take place once per term (1 hour) for each of the four sets described above and once per term for group supervision (1.5 hours), alternating half termly. For one-to-one and group supervision – please enquire for rates.