Play Therapy

I supervise trainee and experienced play therapists, and I am registered as a Clinical Supervisor with PTUK, and on the Approved Register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, for Health and Social Care (PSA).


  • To provide a regular space for the supervisee to reflect upon the content and process of the work
  • To develop understanding and skills within the work
  • To help relate theory to practice
  • To enable the supervisee to apply their approach appropriately to children at different developmental stages
  • To have an opportunity to think and develop ideas


  • To be validated both as a person and a therapist
  • To plan and utilise the personal and professional resources of the supervisee
  • To give constructive positive and critical feedback
  • To offer a space to reflect and clarify what is evoked by the work and explore our reactions to this experience
  • Ensure that the work is done in such a way that the supervisor can be accountable for the monitoring and quality of the work being done with the children

How Long? – How Often? – How Much?

PTUK require qualified therapists to attend supervision for a minimum of one and a half hours per month. Trainee therapists are required to attend one hour’s supervision for every six sessions with clients, and a minimum of one and a half hours per month.

For qualified and trainee therapists please enquire for rates.